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Emails go to SPAM since connecting to SendGrid


Since connecting to SendGrid, all of my emails from my Bubble site go into the site users’ spam folders. I saw on one forum post someone said that after a couple of weeks this automatically stopped, but I’m wondering if it really will. I’ve tried the authentication thing on SendGrid with my domain host. Any ideas on how to fix this?


Do you mean you followed through with the auth, as seen on

Strange that you’re still having issues if you did complete the DKIM and SPF auth.

I like to use Mail Tester to see how the email sender fairs in the eyes of spam protection systems and blacklists (gives you a breakdown of what could be going wrong). Simply setup a workflow in your app to send an email and enter the email address as seen on the Mail Tester website.

On one of my apps I upgraded my SendGrid account to enable a private IP address. It’s very possible that the IP SendGrid assigned your account is using a shared IP that someone else has recently gotten blacklisted, or the IP on your authorized domain/host is blacklisted.

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The likely issue is that your emails do not have a suppression (unsubscribe) mechanism.

Within SendGrid, try adding in an Unsubscribe function to your email template (SendGrid has a block for this) and have it point to a link on your website that triggers a subscription settings update.

A bit of related info here:


Thanks. I don’t know about the DKIM and SPF acronyms but I followed the domain authentication steps. I used mail-tester, thanks - looks like a bunch of things are an issue! None of which I know how to resolve… Blasklisting isn’t one of the things that came up.

I saw others recommend this in another thread, but I don’t know how to edit the unsubscribe block. I can add it to the template but I don’t see where it’s editable! I feel like it should more intuitive than this! Are you able to tell me how to edit it?

Hi @dan1,

I’ve got this email going to spam problem as well but i’ve set everything up through sendgrid correctly as far as I can tell. Please see the screen shots below:

Do you have any insights into what might be going wrong? Would appreciate any help. Thanks!

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Hi. I have exactly the same problem. In spite of successful verification of the sender auth by Sendgrid, my emails are still going to spam folder. Have you already managed to solve it?

Unfortunately not. When I talk to sendgrid support they suggest that it is because of a blacklisted IP which is a common issue for users of sendgrid’s free service. As a work around I’ve resorted to using Zapier with my existing hosted email service to make sure that the important emails get through. Crappy thing is i’m not sure how to do this for the sign-up confirmation email so i’ve just included a line saying “please check your spam folder if there appears to be a delay in receiving it”.

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This happens to me too. SendGrid team told me a lower plan (Essentials Plan) will give us a pool IP. If anyone in the list of the whole pool IP reports a spam, it will affect all users within the pool. It takes a few months to bring back a good reputation.

They suggest to buy a Pro plan ($79.95) to get a dedicated IP. This will solve the problem.