Gmail account via SendGrid

Hello, has anyone had issues sending emails from a Gmail account via SendGrid?

If so, please share your solution.


What issues are you having specifically?

Thanks for your response. When sending over SendGrid via a Gmail address the emails are not being sent.

What error message do you get in the logs?

Make sure you account is verified, there are two verification in SendGrid to do before it work, BY single email, or by DOMAIN .

In email, you just need to verified the email you are using in send grid to send email ( the person who receive the email get in FROM ).

BY domain, you need to add AAA record which send grid provide inside your domain provider console.

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I don’t see anything showing up in the logs. Everything seems to be working fine. I’m currently using the native SendGrid setup for sending emails in Settings. Do you think it would be better to install the SendGrid Plugin and go that route?

Thank you. I’ll look at this as well

Just the native should be fine.

What about the logs on sendgrid then? do they show emails being sent?

Yes, sendgrid shows the emails have been sent/delivered

So, then all is good?

Unfortunately, send grid shows that the emails are sent/delivered but the emails are not received and they are not in spam/junk directories

They are most likely getting caught by a spam filter at a higher level.

If sendgrid shows as delivered, nothing that can be done from a bubble end, I would suggest opening a ticket with sendgrid to get them to examine for you

Will do. Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.

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