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My Web3 RPG is Live! :)

Hello everyone!

After months of plunking away at my app I’ve finally launched my RPG today. It’s live at I’m stupidly excited to finally get it out into the public, and after spending some time in this space I think it may just be one of the most fully featured games on bubble.

For those who are crypto-adverse you don’t need to do anything crypto related to play the game, the crypto side of it just allows players to own their equipment in an automatically generated wallet, and sell it in a player market that they can choose to utilize or not. All you need to play is a gmail address for log in.

I used 0 code in building this game (truly no-code) with the help of a few specific things.

  1. Largest thanks and props to the plugin, which is how I powered all of the NFT equipment and companions. Their dev team has been in constant contact with me and I’m actually the first project to launch using their ecosystem. If you’d like to add blockchain into your app/game/etc. but don’t want to mess with gas fees or the like, they are 100% worth checking out (especially on
  2. @keith hooked me up (and specifically built after a question of mine on here) with the fantastic polyhedra plug-in, which supercharges the RPG aspects of my game. Keith is GOAT.
  3. @mikeloc for his help early on in helping me figure out how to get a battle system going, which I have since had to completely change, but his help got me through the earliest teething pains of figuring out and reassuring me that I actually COULD build my game on here.

Now here comes the part I wish I didn’t have to write. I’m super worried about the success of this game, because it’s free to play. If I get 10k users playing (man that’d be awesome), I’ll likely be priced out of bubble, and there goes my game. Having just launched I don’t know the WU usage yet, but I’ll update here what I’m looking at.

When I started building the game it was months before the pricing changes were announced, so that’s just terrible luck. I have 18 months grandfathered in, but as cool as my game may be (and how dang proud of it I am) I’m extremely worried that it’s not going to scale and be feasible on here.

Again, I hate that I even had to write that on what otherwise would have been a fantastically joyous post (I’m still pretty elated) but to play my game people have to click buttons and do things on a backend, and I think I may be SOL once I have to use WU pricing.

Anyways, go check it out! Free to play, show your friends what they can build on :slight_smile: Thanks again to all those who helped along the way, the community here is top notch. :heart:


Thanks for the shoutout, @snarec, and congrats on the launch! Super stoked for you and wishing you a ton of success!

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Dude, @snarec, the homepage (though slow loading as is Bubble’s way) is really cool! I don’t know what a drop chain is so can’t login, but I’m really glad you got a cool-looking site out!

Impressed and glad I could help. (And yeah, Polyhedra is a really cool plugin if I do say so myself.)

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Good work! :+1:

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Yea, I may need to change my homepage from bubble to something else… No worries about not trying it out haha, I get that Blockchain stuff has a dodgy rep sometimes.

I appreciate the nice comments about the home page though, that part was actually kinda rushed out and my design chops are still a work in progress for sure. Trying to make those stick figures look good! :laughing:

Not sure what to make of this… My largest slice of pie is apparently a deleted workflow, but I haven’t deleted anything. At least this pie lends me to believe I’m fairly optimized-ish, but it also worrying that if I’m too high on Wu once I start getting more users I won’t have anything to optimize… All of those things on the right are necessary for people to play the game.

Is it possible the deleted workflow was a workflow (directly) triggered an event like a button click / group click / input field value change etc. (see image below)? When you delete the element, the workflow is also deleted.


Congrats on the game!

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Hmm maybe, I’ll wait a few more days and see if it persists.

An update to this, I’m still getting the Deleted Workflow: Other as a large portion of my WU.

This is today’s usage-

And this is the past 30 days-

I wish bubble would do a better job of showing what this meant. Clicking on it does nothing but redirect to the same image again. I’m guessing this is a chunk that encompasses everything not pictured, but there’s no way for me to be sure of that. Maybe the pie is only capable of showing a certain amount of slices?