Game is being made using (Test with Phone)

I’ve always had a dream of creating a mobile or browser game that simulates a real economy, but set in a fictional magical world where players can earn real money. (This way, my parents won’t keep pushing me to get a traditional job.) I’ve been using Bubble for about a year now and have become quite proficient at it. During this time, I’ve developed over 16 apps for myself and clients. However, I’ve encountered an issue with clients: when I inform them about the $32 monthly fee for using, they often opt to develop the app themselves, causing me to lose potential income. But let’s set that aside for now.

So, I’ve made the decision to create my very first “game” using Bubble. Drawing from my extensive experience in financial markets (I’ve been trading since I was 18), I aim to develop a multiplayer game where players trade “Potions,” travel to various towns, manage expenses, and all transactions are conducted using real cryptocurrency. Players can deposit, spend, earn, and withdraw profits as they navigate through the game.

My revenue model involves earning a commission from players whenever they buy or sell potions. The game’s markets will operate realistically, meaning when someone buys a certain potion, its price will increase, and when someone sells it, the price will decrease. The game will offer a plethora of activities, such as running for governor, aiming for monarchy, auctioning personally brewed potions, collecting ingredients, hiring workers, purchasing horse wagons, intercepting caravans, consulting seers for future market prices, signing contract deals with other players for timed ingredient and potion sales, and much more.

I’ve spent several days working on this project and have decided to share it with other Bubble users today. I’m open to suggestions for improvements or fixes. Perhaps there are features you think should be added or removed? I’ve got all the necessary resources to complete it, but additional input would be greatly appreciated. Maybe you have ideas for animations or other enhancements?

You can access the game via this link, but please note that the guide isn’t finished yet:

Link to the game

If you’d like to explore the game, simply reload the page when you reach the guide to disable it.

Additionally, I’m currently working on the website:

Link to the website

I’ve opted to create a direct page for backing this project instead of using Kickstarter because I want to direct paid traffic to my own website rather than a third-party platform.

Your advice and opinions would be invaluable to me! I’m hopeful that I’ll soon have something truly impressive to showcase, all made possible thanks to Bubble.

And yes, I plan to include the Bubble logo upon entering the game. Furthermore, I intend to reward players who register on Bubble or create their first apps (Bubble truly is amazing), as I want to introduce to a wider audience - it’s an app that has truly transformed my life!


The games looks well build.
But after I spend 5 minute hearing and reading different on screen introductions I finally can’t go beyond one of those, button was not working. Even reloading the page didn’t help.
Also i was looking for skip button which I normally do, but can’t find.

:crying_cat_face: It hit differently

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Thanks for reply, game is far from finished. I started this topic so you can follow development or help a little. <3
-Will add skip button, or even skip guide on login.

(Buttons don’t work because pages are not finished yet)

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Reload page when you get to the guide to access pages that are finished.

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How will you achieve this ?
mini stock market in bubble, first time heard that btw you look ambitious

It’s straightforward arithmetic: when you click “Buy,” among other actions taking place, the price of the current item will increase by a fraction of its current value.

Hmm, this approach is very simple to understand and to manipulate, it should increase at rate based on multiple factors

You are right, maybe complex math including calculation about supply and demand like in real markets?

Yes you yourself stated that.

On real ground there are thousands of factors effecting the price per second

I said “simulates” for a reason :smiley: But you are right I will spend more time to make it realistic and to spend least amount of WU possible.

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Good meow-luck,

Small advice, create your MVP and test with some real audiance first, see if it’s profitable or not

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Thanks for advice, I will gauge commissions of every action based on my expenses.

Can you help me out of an idea how to make first load of app more smooth. Can I somehow circle over all pages with loading screen and then let users in? Maybe switch parameters (pages) every 2 seconds then hide floating screen? Is that possible I must test.