My button is not visible when logged in (even though designed to be visible)

I’m following the bubble crash course tutorials and recreated a “add insurance” button, which i expect it to be visible only when a user is logged in.
The “add insurance” button belongs to “logged in group”. The condition of the group is set to be visible only when user logged in.

my design page url:

Hi there,… your editor isn’t visible, so I am kind of winging it here. If I am seeing things correctly in the first screenshot, it looks like you have the This element is visible on page load box unchecked for the add insurance button, and in the second screenshot, you are making the group visible when the user is logged in. Making the group visible will not make the button visible if the visible on page load box is unchecked for the button. So, if I am correct about what’s going on here, you should just need to check that box for the button, and then you would see the desired behavior.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Mike! I figured it, turns out i accidentally nested my “logged in group” inside “logged out group”.

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