My Current Challenge

I have built an app on bubble and the next step in development is tricky…

VERY Brief Explanation of the app/screenshot below:
Basically using RGs in RGs I’ve developed an Index that’s able to hold Documents within Sections & SubSections. And each ‘Document’ is supposed to hold files within them.

My issue isn’t ‘how do I upload files to a AWS or Box?’(havent decided yet though)

My issue is how do turn my Bubble Index below…

…Into 1 downloadable Zip File that replicates the exact structure seen in app:

I’ve been working on this project for over a year now & this is my last challenge before I can really polish the app and prep it for use.

My ‘real’ coding experience is next to none. But I’m not afraid to learn what i need to learn to get overcome this.

I guess I need a little direction on what my options are… Any help is much appreciated!

I’ve created a plugin to zip file. I think that I can add this option to create a folder and subfolder. I think it may also be already possible but I’ve never tested this.

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I’d be willing to test it out if you did! :slight_smile:

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@Jici made the edit to his plugin & it does exactly what I need it to.
I put off tackling this one for months thinking it would be complicated or not doable on bubble.

Super Excited to fully integrate this with my app & continue development.
Here is a link to the plugin, highly recommend it for anyone trying to accomplish a similar task!

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