Someone please walk me through this

I’ve already “designed” my app but need someone to walk me through the development. This is a web app that I’m building for my community so there really is no budget.

A non-technical here. Is there a Bubble expert who has a reasonable fee for this?

I just need someone to talk me through the process of getting this done. For an expert, the whole site can probably be done in a couple of hours.

Please share references and examples of your work.

What are you trying to build?

Have you checked out all the video tutorials, documentation and demos?

Building an app for my community that allows users to rate areas businesses (I believe I’ve added that element using the code Bubble provided) and submit area businesses and events into the “directory.”

I want the businesses to be categorized.

As a non-technical person, this sounds very simple to do but I can’t figure it out. Also, I want users to be able to receive notifications when new events and businesses are added.

I have and there’s not a ton of YouTube videos out there.

So you want to build Yelp?

Kind of but the events feature is just as important. There are some features that are different.

We live in a “food dessert” so finding out about pop-up markets was one of the main reasons I wanted to launch it. The ability to get notifications when certain things are happening is important.

I followed the instructions to do this much:

Also, I’ve designed basic websites in Wix like my website so I’m relatively good about using templates but the design element to Bubble it’s that easy to figure out.

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