My First Live App: Frugal Airfare

Just went live with my first bubble site and wanted to get some feedback. I’ve enjoyed using Bubble and hope I can drive some traffic eventually. With the understanding that it’s a work in progress, let me know what you think: Frugal Airfare


Interesting. Which API did you use ?

congratulations, I’m still in the process of putting my platform live, just missing some details that must be fixed.

Looks like a great start.

I clicked into a specific flight opportunity and felt like you’d moved me further into the process of buying the ticket than I was ready for – I still wanted more info on the airline, how it might compare to other rates, etc. Just one data point, of course.

I advise most entrepreneurs to use a tool like to record a handful of people using your site and verbally explaining their thought process as they go through it. I think it’s often highly informative and completely eye-opening to see exactly how other people perceive our sites and navigate around. Plus, UserBob is incredibly affordable so it’s a no-brainer when creating and/or launching an app.

Congrats on the product and going live!


This is great feedback! I will check the site out. Thank you.

I’m using a few API’s. The first is the, the second is one I got from an affiliate network I joined that connects into kiwi’s flight data.

I hear you. I have some fine-tuning to do for sure. Keep it up. If you need any thoughts or advice let me know.

Site seems to be offline :frowning:

Sorry, I’m making some slight adjustments to the DNS with my domain. Should be up and running again here shortly.