Please come and roast our new Bubble site

Hi would love fellow bubblers to come and look at our new travel agency site - we monitor your hotel rate and alert you when it drops so you can rebook for less, or upgrade for free.

Would love any constructive feedback - or mean. But its christmas so, you know, goodwill to all etc




Edited for security

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Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback and the heads up.

I’ve not asked the developer if he wants to be public so will let you know.



You just got a taste of @georgecollier’s audits.

We’ve tried his service once. Highly recommend! Will definitely ask for audits for our future apps


Tell them to message me if they want work :slight_smile:


Oh also, test version should probably be password protected. Additionally, should probably stop referencing Elon Musk as default fields - I know what you’re trying to do but it’s best to err on the side of uncontroversial John Smith. Or Jane Smith if you want to be extra politically correct :wink:

Some emails are public too (including mine :sweat_smile: ) Use a backend workflow if you want to bypass privacy rules to check a user exists.

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They get busy but no worries, have forwarded this topic to them.

Roger that - this is a very soft launch to tease out the big and the small issues…Thanks again!

Hey Nate

Thanks - this is brilliant feedback and much appreciated.

I’m sure the Dev will be very pleased to hear he’s in demand (after these issues have been attended to!)

I’ve checked your request myself (your account was deleted) - only upgrades available at that hotel currently. Happy to send you the rate at cost in exchange for your feedback. Let me know.


Well it’s just that there are lots of good ones but the really experienced ones are hard to find if they’re not active on the forum. Trying to find another for my agency :sweat_smile:

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Hey Peter - great idea to ask for feedback here!

@georgecollier I’m the one who has been working on Rebook with Peter. Thank you for your comments and suggestions, very helpful. All this has now been taken care of. If you see anything else that could be improved, shoot!

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very cool to have stumbled, will even use this service myself!

Thanks man - appreciate it.