Brand new travel app!

Hi Everyone,

I just launched and would love some feedback, testing, and new users. Airplein gives travelers the ability to get suggestions from their friends on what to do when they visit a city. Travelers can also build their own lists and save their favorite places in a city (if you’re not into the social thing). It uses Google Places API and Google Maps to find pretty much any place/landmark on earth. I built the entire app in Bubble.

Please let me know what you think! if you find errors or get annoyed at some feature please let me know! If you think its missing something key please tell me!

Thank you!



Hey Tim!
Congratulations on your app!

I really like the idea, here are some things i would improve:

  • Maybe add more colors?
  • the only thing that really bothered me are the icons… there is a flashing icon the top left which just drives me crazy. some icons are not really matching their functionality.

Also this is off-topic, but your app is the first app that BuiltWith says is running on ASP.NET and not on Bubble, i find it amusing :smiley:

Thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate the help

There was previously a spam post here highlighting some non-Bubble app about hotels. It’s since been reported and deleted. Sorry for the confusion on this thread!

@luke2 and @Bubbler could you either delete or update your posts to reflect the updates? I don’t want to flag you to get your attention.


Yeah, sorry. There was a spam post that I ended up deleting. I’ll fix the thread.