Built on Bubble: deviate.travel

Hi All,

Just wanted to show you my new web app built on Bubble: https://deviate.travel/

It’s a marketplace connecting independent travelers with expert travel planners with hyperlocal expertise. I’m especially focused on outdoor / adventure travel. My hypothesis is that independent travel planning – currently done thru hastily written guidebooks, mainstream review sites, and social media posts – is tough, time consuming, and not nearly as fruitful as it could be.

I’ve got the app to MVP stage, and will continue to build features as I get customers and “Travel Pros” on board. Please take a look and give me any feedback you might have.



You should create a form wizard so that the process feels smoother. The questions are all on one page. It’s also beneficial to add uppsell with local guide, you can arrange that process by adding optional checkbox for hiring local expert.

Looks good!

Only just saw this:

(no background on the forgot pasword pop up)

I really like the way you’re using the full web for your website, it’s an professional way to design your website.

ofcourse it’s the beta-phase but I’d like to see more!

one small thing, maybe you need to add more to your footer, social media icons and links etc, maybe an about us or a information statement!

Keep up to good work

Looks good mate.

  • Landing page design follows solid design principles.

  • For a better UI / UX on the travel plan section you may want to consider one question at a time. You could even use something like the tinder pile plugin for the user to confirm what they are / aren’t interested in.

  • I found the pricing section a little confusing as to what it did / didn’t include or what assumptions the base rate were predicated upon.

Overall - I think it is a really solid start with good potential. More than anything, success for this type of business will likely be determined by execution of marketing strategy.

Thanks for sharing - and for opening yourself up to critique. Wishing you all the best!


Thanks everyone for your input. I appreciate you taking the time. I’ve noted all suggestions and will get working on them asap!

Your link gives me this?