Should we be worried?

So, according to the Status page there’s currently another Major Outage.

That’s 11 days where there have been major outages in just over 3 weeks (some of them lasting several hours or more, most of them being issues with the main Bubble cluster).

And this at a time when Bubble say they are committing to improving reliability and stability…

What’s going on?


This is really something…
Don’t know about you. But all my Apps are down… :expressionless:


Mine isn’t ( Tested a couple of other apps and no issue.

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Yikes, one major outage was 7 hours! :exploding_head:

I am not a fan of Christmas colours in November…


Yes, I think we should be worried. Seems like priorities are not aligned between what the company is doing versus what the company is saying and what its’ client base is asking for.

I’d rather have a reliable platform than AI inspired designs.
I’d rather have faster performance than native mobile applications.
I’d rather have native mobile applications than AI inspired designs.

I hope Bubble’s quest to keep pace with trends in tech don’t disrupt it’s ability to deliver on it’s core functions and make the changes users have been requesting for YEARS rather than Months. People have been asking for faster performance and native mobile applications for YEARS, it has only been the last couple Months that people have asked for AI inspired designs.


The concern is it jeopardises trust/faith in Bubble as a platform… not just from developers, but from clients/investors as well.

If any prospective client or investor, with concerns about having an app built on Bubble, has the foresight to check the status page and sees that, they’ll run a mile from any Bubble app at the moment (and who can blame them - especially if the next 3 weeks are as bad as the last)

Is it possible that bubble made their outage alerts more sensitive so we may be seeing an increase in the number of outages and a decreased uptime? Meaning is it possible that many of the “outages” were really smaller issues that affected only a small number of accounts for a small number of minutes and not actually full blown outages for long periods of time?

I have a bunch of apps on the main cluster and none of these outages affected my apps.


I’ll always stand by my comment here:

Please do consider reigniting that SLA thread :slight_smile:


I suppose it is possible given that a few weeks back there was the major outage that lasted 2/3 of the day. I believe @josh said they were going to re-evaluate what constitutes a wake somebody up issue, so maybe the page was updated to reflect that…

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That makes sense if so many apps seem to be working properly (I have half and half) but historically speaking Bubble usually hasn’t considered outages for a small number of accounts as something to consider on the status page (and in fact Bubble is usually unaware of such issues until enough noise is made in the forum).

You’d think, for the sake of Bubble’s PR and our blood pressure, they would tell us when that went live … unless they shipped that accidentally.

First of all, I agree with everything said above within this thread :grinning:

Just out of curiosity - due to the status page there’ve been 5 days with “Issues with main Bubble cluster” in November. But I don’t remember (and also just checked Bugs section of the forum) huge posts about apps being unavailable/broken.

Yea one of ours is still completely down but status page claims it’s all operational. 19 hours no answers.

First time experiencing their 24/7 support on a non dedicated plan as well and realized how useless it is

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Speculating but sounds like it only affects some apps? I guess they’re deployed on different servers so roughly speaking, apps between two dates would be on one server, apps between another set of dates on another server, and it’s affecting the apps that share the resources with it?

I would guess it is not grouped by date, but rather handled with load balancing and, in the event of an outage, a failover policy should kick in (when eyeballing my apps, I do not see a pattern of outages based on date). Regardless, we should never have to use these terms in a no-code environment!

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Absolutely unacceptable. I hope SLAs arrive soon

IDK how we convince clients to build their products on the bubble if this keep happening. There are a lot of bugs these days. I guess interns are pushing the code to production


It’s Black Friday season - as a policy it should be hands off, no touchy touchy during that time imo



I’m hoping they fix it before end of day. We are still down and bubble support closes in 3.5 hrs and haven’t even got an initial response (outside of automated emails) after 4 bug reports since yesterday at 4-5PM when we went down.

We are going to lose tens of thousands of dollars in revenue if they don’t get it back up for thanksgiving day and Black Friday. Typically our biggest week of the year.

Reliability (especially in the editor) has been decreasing for many months, slowly but surely. Many of us have reported on this issue but our only recourse is to make forum posts or file bug reports.

If you want my completely uninformed view
… Bubble has been focusing on big ticket features such as AI related things, new great features every month, site redesign and so on. These things are great and all, but more from an attracting VC perspective. “AI” anything is super trendy these days!

While at the same time Bubble has made several money grabbing moves - the WU fiasco, increasing prices on everything including for agency plans, charging people for a useless certification (that you must renew AKA re pay every year). This seems like another move to capture VC attention (creating an “ecosystem”)

Recently, everything seems related to VC, VC, VC. Not innovation!