Speed issue on an extremely basic page


I have a very basic page, with just two inputs and two buttons. See screenshot below:


There is no conditional formatting of any kind on the page and the page uses in-built Bubble elements (input and button).

There is only 1 workflow, which logs users in and redirects them. See below:

But my page load time for this page is 4-5 seconds on average (and obvioulsy with more complex pages it is significantly more). See the network waterfall from chrome dev tools below for this page:

It seems that the basic bubble elements like xfalse, x1, en_us are responsible for high loading time. How can I get the DOMcontentload time to around 1 second for a page like this?

What is your load time for for pages with static content (no db operations)?

Where are you based? What’s your internet speed? That load time seems reeeeeeeeally bad. I don’t see similar results. Can you share a link to the version-test so we can test it?

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Also try a Capacity Boost once just for fun in your settings page, just to see.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks. I have a 20mbps connection in India.

Here is a link to the version test page - <>
Thanks for taking a look.

Hi @thebigburke

Will try that too and let you know the speed difference

No, can’t recreate it either. Loads OK.

@t_bubble that page loaded mega fast for me. I’m in Washington DC on a 150mbps connection, for reference.

I certainly encounter Bubble pages that load really slow, but that’s usually because the builder didn’t optimize images or searches. In your case, I’m not sure why it would load slow, as it was almost instantaneous for me.

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From experience with web design I understand optimizing images, but how do you suggest optimizing searches? And what other optimization techniques should one know when working with bubble?

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Optimizing searches and database structures is really important in Bubble. It’s tough to have a blanket solution for every use case, but in general, you want to do as much of the querying constraints on the initial fetch of data, not as a filter on the client side.

Josh had a really good post about some best practices a while back, I’d search the forum read through it.

Thanks @andrewgassen @NigelG @thebigburke

I reduced the size of the xfalse JS - from 90KB to 49KB by removing a bunch of unused plugins - that seems to have helped with the 1st page load time.

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