My Property Doesn't Show in the Results

For some reason, the property information in these two texts boxes doesn’t appear even though I believe I’ve linked in properly.

For reference, I’m currently following the tutorial (link below) and the section I am struggling with is from 13:55 - 15:45.


Hi there, do you have any other fields that show up?

Yes, all fields show up except the two Parent group’s properties.

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Can you send over a screenshot of the parent group data source settings?

Let me know if this is the correct info. Thank you for your help.

Oh I mean the group in your page, the one containing the cells that aren’t showing data.

Sorry, where would I find that? Is this the correct info?

Yes, and now I see that group is also refencing a parent group, can you make sure this group os also pointing to the correct data source?

Another thing to check is to make sure its not just an issue of overflow or size. Use the inspector and see if the text is there but is getting cutoff. Or even manually edit the text in the database to 1 short word and make the font size smaller - all things I’ve done to troubleshoot in similar situations.

I believe it is pointing to the correct data source, no? Please see photos attached. I followed the tutorial I originally linked step by step and this step didn’t work for some reason.

I also tried changing the size of the font as well as the size of the text box but neither worked.

Any group within a group needs to link to a data source, even if that source is parent group’s data…but then that parent group also needs a source. Anytime I say ‘group’ I am referring to the group on the page, not the database screenshots.

I think that may be the issue - “that parent group also needs a source”. How would I go about doing that? Unfortunately, I’m very new to this, simply followed the tutorial step by step, and it didn’t work.

That would be this group (you can click on it here in the elements tree):

You’ll want to set that to Current Cell’s Thing since it’s inside the repeating group.

I believe I already have. Is that not the case?

Ok I see that data field Location is of type geographic address. You may have to mark this text field as Location’s formatted text:

That’s a good point. I tried that, but it didn’t work.

Could it potentially be from this issue? Under the constraints tab seen in this photo, the NumberOfRooms and Location are retrieved from page URL.

However, if you look at the URL, the property name (Beacon Hill Recording Studios) doesn’t appear anywhere.

LInk: Your Bubble app

This explains why the first two text boxes are working, but not the third.

Thank you for your help.

Whenever constraints are involved I usually coach people to try removing them as a troubleshooting step. You should also select ‘ignore empty restraints’ to see if there’s a constraint it’s expecting to not be empty.

Once the constraints are removed, see if data is being displayed. Once you have that figured out, you can start adding the constraints back in and setting what’s going wrong.

Smart idea. Looks like this is the reason. Any thoughts on how to fix it?

I actually don’t see the room-count in the URL that is generated on your demo. Are you seeing results when you remove this constraint?

You’re right, that was something I noticed as well.

This is the URL with the second constraint is removed. I am not seeing it when I remove this constraint.

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Well I see success! There’s a result in there, a property, and that was indeed what your first issue was - congrats :smiley: This actually was related to my very first question on this thread:

And it seems now that answer was ‘no’.

Now that you have results, it will be a bit easier for you to troubleshoot further and figure out where those results are coming from, how they’re filtered with constraints, pulling constraints from URL, etc.

That URL is written with the ‘Go To Page’ action - make sure that action is engaged when creating the URL.

Outside of that, this is another issue unrelated to this thread (‘my property doesn’t show in the results’ - which is now solved). I’d encourage you to play around with everything I just mentioned, and you’ll start to get a sense for how each of the parts work together. And then when you’re ready or hit the wall again, create a new post in the forum with your specific new topic. It’ll help others who may be running into a similar issue down the road!