My text element does not shrink when my text is shorter than the others


I have a problem with my RepeatingGroup, I try to display several text elements with a different size but when I display my texts they have the same size no matter how long the text is.

Here is a picture explaining my problem:

Here are the properties of my element:

Make this element fixed-width is not checked.

Thank you for your help.

Hey @dany99 :wave:

The check box that says “Shrink the element height if the text gets shorter” is only for the height. It won’t shrink the width of the element. There is some code to do this, but there is also an easy way to have this work without code too.

You can put all of the dynamic data into one text element. That way it will not have any spaces in-between the text. Would that work for you? Just add a space in-between each piece of dynamic data. Does that make sense?

Hope that helps. :blush:

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