Repeating groups design

Hello All,

I am having an issue displaying repeating group data on a page. I have a repeating group that loads various “wheel” data. The boxes within the repeating groups are set to fix width. The text elements within each box are set to ‘shrink element height if text gets shorter’.

However, several of the boxes are different heights when the page loads the repeating group data. I am converting this page to PDF, but within HTML and PDF, the boxes are different heights.

Any suggestions?

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To be clear, you have two elements, a box element with a text element inside. Is that correct?

@tyler.edwin.smith Hi Tyler, that is correct. It’s a repeating group with a box element and a text element inside, and the text element is pulling dynamic data.

@swvann I have two suggestions for you.

  1. Uncheck the “Shrink element height if text gets shorter” button . An option if that doesn’t work on it’s own, is to make sure you group the text element and the box element into a group.

  2. Remove the box element and just use the text element. You can set a border on the text element which appears what your box element is for at this point. Also, uncheck ‘shrink element height if text gets shorter’

I hope that one of those resolves your issue.

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