My website has mobile friendly issue


My website is a local entertainment website. always google give error its margin out and text very small than the recommended. like that its clickable element to close. i try to fix that error using bootstrap also. but getting same error i don’t no how to fix this. any one can help me please. if you would like to help me this this is my web site link

thank you

I had those issues before but now I am issue free! :partying_face: It took a while but eventually I got it working.

Check out my site for responsive ideas. You need to make the site responsive so it can be viewed on a mobile phone. Right now it looks like it’s just fixed width. NoCodeMinute Videos

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Sometimes my site not showing properly in mobile, But after clear the cache my site working fine and after 7-9 days same error and button width showed out of screen.
Need your suggestions. Thanks

Hey @evansubli

What is the message that they are giving you to fix?

Hope we can help you out. :blush:

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Thanks for reply. In google console right now no warning, But before showed one msg clickable links too close some things like this.

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@evansubli ok. :+1:

That warning usually means you have links that need more spacing. Try adding more space between them to make sure to satisfy Google.

Try searching Google for your exact message to see what Google recommends to fix it. Here is an example if this is what your message said:

This was one that I had to fix by making my links have more padding. Once I did that, it fixed the problem. Yours might be similar.

Also, double check your page to see what might be causing it to go off the screen like that too. Maybe it’s custom code conflicting? Maybe it’s a minimum width on something that is too large?

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