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My workflow to save data isn't working

On the page “step_2” in my app, I ask the user to answer questions, both by inputing text as well as selecting from radio buttons and a number slider.

I set up the workflows so that when the user clicks the “continue” button, a new thing “friend req” is created, with 4 fields. Each field corresponds with a question and the value that the user input/selected.

Yet none of this data is saved when I try out my app in live mode.

What am I doing wrong?

Screenshot of the workflow below.

Go to the Data>App Data tab and reload your page - its common to it take a moment to populate.

If its empty see if other wf are working, or if they work in Dev Env.

No, it’s been a full day and it’s still empty.

One other workflow is working on another page, but it only worked the first time I logged in and entered data. It didn’t collect data the second time.

What is Dev Env?

You tried the live version, it has the same behavior on development version?

Run the page step by step using the debugger (Enable Run Next) and see if the steps happen in the order you assume, with the values you think they should).

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