Mysql Conecction Parameters Issues

Hi !
I can’t make a dinamic query, the parameter doesn’t work . Any idea what happen?
Return is always empty

You need a ? mark for MySql parameters. I explained that here: SQL Connector SQL Server Parameter Format - #2 by ben13

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I’m sorry but doesn’t work. I Also tried with ?1 and other formats
Is it ok?


I’m using only mysql connection, not pro.
is it related to that?

No the pro version is just a nice tool we built that works along side the SQL Connector to make things a bit easier should you have a need for additional features beyond what is provided.

Your error above is that you don’t type the variable name after the “?”, you literally just type a “?” and the replacement happens “automagically”.


omg, it works. Thank’s u so much, really appreciate

Glad you got it working. If you have any other problems (re: SQL) you can tag me in a future post and I’ll try to help if I have time.

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