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Namecheap Setup

Hey guys, anyone use Namecheap and have success setting it up? I set up the A-record and I’ve been trying to get it live since Friday but I’ve had no luck so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m on the Personal plan so would that factor into it as well since it’s not the Professional Plan? It keeps saying that it also needs 24 hours for changes to propogate but it’s been 72 so I’m at loss.



Can you screenshot your settings in Namecheap? I think a few users use it and it works fine.

The plan doesn’t change anything here, this is something on the domain name manager side. Asking them to help is also an option.

Friendly disclaimer: I got the URL redirect working BUT I tried to update my app live again and now I’m getting a 404 error (and Bubble stays on the loading screen) I don’t think I can quit my day job yet… :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit 1: I’m just using a URL redirect. The app is in the alpha stage but give it a whirl and I’m interested in feed back! Huge shoutout to Brent for guidance through this whole alpha process. :slight_smile:

I mailed Bubble support and they gave me the cname settings.

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