Need help hosting with namecheap

hello bubblers i need help setting up my hosting with namecheap. i received settings with bubble but when i add them on name cheap i get a message something went wrong
what must i do?

Hey @withabed

You will need to remove the redirection you have and make sure in the ‘Advanced DNS’ section of the domain, you have 2 records like the following (but with the correct IP address values Bubble supplies):

When adding a new A record, you can set the TTL - I suggest setting this to a low value, as it should speed the propagation up on the server side.


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@luke2 you mean i should remove this ?

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Yes, remove the redirect.

Its just a redirection to the same domain, but with the www. prefix right and its not under https. So go ahead and remove, its just going to cause issues.

At this moment in time Bubble only supports - you cannot use the www. prefix.

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thanks its working…

Great. Glad its now working.

I also recommend doing the following, so that the site is served over a secure connection (using https):

Settings > Domain / email

Once checked it can take a little while to switch over, so may cause some security warnings during that time.

maybe you can also help me on this one. my app is a social media app and it has a share button but when i click share to other social media it sends the url instead of my newsfeed posts. i was told you have to be on a paid plan to configure that. so i guess im set now but i dont know how ?

It might be a timing thing - as the DNS changes it needs to fully sync.

Also double check back in Settings > Domain / Email - that everything is redirect away from the Bubble version and onto the main custom domain:

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