Native App Development

Good day,

Why trying to build a web App that will deploy as Native app on Apple and Android stores, someone can’t change pages in this app? everything must be done one page by making use of groups that will hide and show to take the user to other sections?

I need more explanation on this.

Thanks for your time.

Hello @josephineveronica56, this is for the user experience as well as for the webview setup. Webview is essentially a browser app that only visits a specific page (your app page) now if you have different pages, when the user is redirected to a different page, the app will show the loading bar at the top (just like any browser) and native apps don’t behave like that.

There is no need for multiple pages when building any web-app in general. If it is a really big app, you can use reusable elements for the different sections and bring them all together on one page and it works perfectly.

message me and I can quickly explain further if needed