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Native App Location - Trying to understand the /var/mobile.html browser location message

I’ve tried understanding Native mobile app but I just don’t get it.

As far as I understand it, there are 2 parts:

  1. App shows a broken location message (instead of showing the name of the app, it shows the name of the html page) and it will show like this if you reference a User’s location in your app.

  1. If User clicks ‘Don’t allow’ on the message, elements using the location naturally can’t display their location (so we need to set up a default state for these elements that are set to say ‘All Countries’ instead of ‘near user’s location’??)


  1. Can I turn off this browser message so it doesn’t appear?

  2. How do I know when the browser message Ok button has been clicked?

  3. Will browser message show even if I don’t use any elements that need a User’s location?

  4. How do I get the /var/mobile.html message to display the correct name of the app?

If anyone can explain this, please speak to me like I’m five so I can understand it!


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