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Bubble in offline mode

I noticed two PWA templates in the library.
PWAs (Progessive Web Apps) support offline mode where service workers handle data synchronisation when the app is back online.
This allows users to continue using the app when they are offline which is a capability that I need for my new app.
However, before leaping into a PWA template, are there any other ways to support offline mode with Bubble?
Any advice will be appreciated.

PWA only allow users to view data offline - not to CRUD.

Currently there is no way to CRUD when offline with Bubble. You need to go native for that (not wrapped at this point) - although Vini’s new JSON wrapper apparently offers some support for android offline on certain CRUD. I haven’t checked it out yet to know if it actually works but I think it’s only with text too.

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Thanks for your advice @equibodyapp

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