Natively *Preview* - Mobile Push Notifications, In app purchases, in app rating and more!

Hello Bubble community!

Today I would like to give you guys a preview of something we have been working on, Natively. Natively is soon to be a Bubble plugin (in addition to outside Bubble source code) that will allow Bubble apps to finally be able to communicate with the phone, easily!

>>>>>>Video Preview <<<<<<<

In this video I show a very quick preview of some of the capabilites so far of Natively.

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So what can Natively do so far?

  • Give Bubble a user’s OneSignal ID which allows for Push Notifications
  • Local Push Notifications (These are a bit different, they aren’t sent over by a server)
  • In-App Rating for App Store
  • Vibrate phone
  • In-App purchases using native Apple Account
  • Offline Alert (Custom HTML page that tells users they need to be on internet to use the app)
  • Native loading indicator
  • Pull to refresh capability (Optional)

What else will Natively be able to do?

  • AdMob support
  • FireBase notification support

How hard will it be to set up?

Upon release of Natively we will release full tutorial videos showing step by step how to install and use Natively using your Bubble app. If you don’t want to have to worry about it then we will also be offering a white glove service that will take care of it all for you.

Where & when can I get it?

We are currently in development and testing of Natively and we would like some testers to come along for the ride, if you are interested in becoming a tester, please PM us.

We hope to have Natively out to the public of Bubble within a month.

Have a question? Ask us below!

Thank you for reading,
Nic C
[email protected]


I almost passed out. This is awesome! I can’t wait to try it out.


Haha, thank you! Can’t wait for everyone to try it!

[email protected]

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We are looking for testers to help us in launching this to the Bubble community, PM us if interested.


I’m definitely interested! Sending pm now.

I am definitely interested in your plugin specifically around the local notifications. What’s the latest on when this will be pushes out?

how can i test this plugin?

How can we test?

im hella interested

Is this still being worked on? Would make it easier for apps to get to the App Store.

Where do I go to have my site built like that. Is it ready for public use?

Only @codurly could answer these questions, but I suspect this got bundled into their service they offer to wrap an app for you, rather than being released as a plug-in…