Wanted: App wrapping and Push Notifications consultancy


I’m looking to hire some consultancy / Bubble engineer support to assist in wrapping an app and adding push notifications.

This is an internal app for a large company that has grown to the point it now needs to be available on app stores and have push notifications for important company info. (The app has logins etc so is not available for public use, but due to the size of the company it needs to be available easily to employees.)

This would be paid, please get in touch to start a conversation.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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Hi Alan,

Have you tried PWAs with Web notification?

Hi, @alan.mackintosh1
You can wrap your application with Natively by following simple steps, it will take a few minutes. Natively allows you to test push notifications before purchase in preview mode.

Here are video guides:

How to convert Bubble app to iOS native using Natively

How to setup OneSignal Push Notification in Natively app

How to test your app before ordering a build in Natively

Contact me if you need any help.