Navigate to page via emailed link - No login required

Hi There,

I have searched a few other forum topics on this but have no found a definitive answer yet.
I know this is possible as I have seen our compeitors achieve this (probably not with bubble though)

Basically we log data for clients on a daily basis, and have a dashboard where the client can log in and view all the data.

What we would like to do is have an email go out to clients every morning with a link to their “breakfast report”, once they click on the link it directs them to this dashboard WITHOUT the need to login the link would then ideally expire within 24 hours.

We have built the email scheduling and that works fine, just trying to figure out the auto login/ sending dynamic data when user clicks on that link.

I though of maybe having a random number generated with the email then when the user clicks on the link they enter the number in a popup and then redirected to the page (the random number will also be linked to the client so it knows whic data to pull through. Would this work?

I understand anyone with this link would be able to access the info, but this is not our concern as we will place this liability with the client as is our industry standard.

Any ideas appreciated.

Hey @rosewaterbrands

Should try the new feature action Send Magic login link.

Ahh, dont know how I missed this feature. Thanks, exactly what I am looking for