Navigation To a group inside the page

Hello Everyone, i am a new bubbler :slight_smile: i was wondering how can i navigate the user from clicking on a button in the header to a specific section (Group) in the index page?

Thank you in advance

Hi there, @aziz… one way to do what you described is to set a custom state to a particular value when the button in the header is clicked. Then, have the group in question set up to not show on page load (and collapse when hidden), and put a condition on the group that says when the custom state is the particular value, the group is visible.

If you are so new to Bubble that what I wrote makes no sense at all, consider taking a step back and doing the tutorials and checking out the academy stuff so you can get a good understanding of the basics. Bubble’s learning curve is pretty steep, and without a good foundation, it can be challenging to get up that curve.

Hope this helps.


Thank you @mikeloc for your reply will try to follow your steps!

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