Navigating to parts of the page

I am having a few sections in a page. I want some links to land directly on respective sections of the page.

How to achieve it?

What I tried:
I tried giving ID to the groups that hold that section and then made the link as “home/mypage#id123”. However, when I click on these links from other pages, just “mypage” opens, and it doesn’t scroll to id123.

However, when I refresh the page with “mypage#id123” url, it does scroll to id123.

Also, when I am on the page already and I want to go to id456 and click on that link, it does nothing. Probably because it thinks it is already on that page and hence doesn’t need to do anything.

Please advise how to solve this.

Instead of passing anchor links, put the scroll position as some sort of url parameter and use the scroll to action.

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Thanks Keith. Worked very well!

Couple of questions:

  • Is it SEO friendly? Will Google consider these as different URLs? I intend it to consider same URL only
  • Why was index solution not working? Isn’t it how it is done in typical HTML?
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I am having the exact same issue, but the different sections are created dynamically (I have passed section titles and sections texts in a data table because the concerned page is used for various files that I am presenting the same way).

Due to this, I can’t properly use the “scroll to” action, because it consider repeting group as an only element.
Is it a way for me to make it my dynamic table of content work ?

Thanks by advance