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My app is ready but I cannot publish it because there are issues still appearing. However, these issues are all related to ‘Data to Send’ when I am navigating to a page. My app is functioning fine and I really do not need the fill in the ‘data to send’. Can someone please suggest how to resolve this issue? I am only hoping I don’t have to redesign the whole thing all over again.


The data to send issue will be showing if you have defined content types on pages, but you aren’t sending any data to them.

If you don’t need data for those pages then remove the content type of the page.

Hi thanks. However, it may complicate things if I do it for all pages. My first task is to resolve the issues in the header. I have learnt quite a lot in Bubble but still having some trouble with list types.

My problem
A page content type is set as Group because the current user could be a part more than 1 group (created by someone else) or also have created more than 1 group. I have correctly set the content type as Group but cannot figure out what to write in data to send when I click the buttons named Joined Groups and Created Groups, in the header, since this is a list (in the sense the count here can be more than 1). Can you help me with the workflow? I guess I need to use do a search for…


You ned to ‘send’ whichever ‘Group’ it is that the page will be referring to.

If your page won’t be referring to a specific group then it doesn’t need to have a content type of ‘Group’.

If it will be, then you need to tell it which ‘Group’ that is using the data to send option in the navigation workflow, and setting it to the group you want to page to be for.

Thanks. I have only 12 issues but they look very difficult to resolve.

On the userprofile page, there is a button called ‘Joined Groups’.

  1. Upon clicking this button, the user should go to a page called joinedgroups. This is easy.

  2. In the page joinedgroups, there is a drop down from where the user selects a group to see its details. Once, an option is chosen the page is refreshed (this is why the content type has to be set to group). However, in this case I have to fill in the data to send in step 1 and that I am not able to figure out. Any solution to this issue or do I need to redesign this thing?

PS - I did try just now and found a temporary solution which reduces my issue counts in red. In the step 1 for the data to send I use - do a search for groups where members contain currentuser and then choose the first item. This works in so far it reduces by issues in red but I feel this is a crude solution and I am not too happy with this. If you can suggest a refined one, it will be great. In my opinion Bubble should have some feature to accommodate this sort of requirement.

I really don’t see any reason why your page needs to have a content type here (in fact it doesn’t really make sense and is why you’re getting issues).

Just use the dropdown to select the Group.

I don’t know why you want to refresh the page either?

If, for some reason you must refresh the page (although I don’t know why you need to or would want to), then you can use a URL parameter to access the data (although again, I don’t know why you want to refresh the page here).

In any case, there’s no need to have a content type on the page for this, so get rid of it and your issue should be gone.

Of course, if there’s some reason why you really want to use a page content type AND refresh the page then you can just set the data to send to be the dropdown’s data - but that won’t solve the initial problem of what data to send when you first navigate to the page (which is why it doesn’t really make sense to use a page content type for this).

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Hi thanks. I was able to get rid of the issues on all pages except one which is somewhat complex.

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