One page app using parameters but error showing


I’m building a single page mobile app. I have ‘index’ as my one page and I am using parameters for each screen. However, in my workflow I need to ‘Navigate to page index’ and then change the parameters every time I want to change the screen. I am also integrating changing states but only once I have the correct screen.

Everything was working great as I was building but recently I am getting the error ‘Change page action should not be used in a native app’. Having looked through the forum most responses are saying you need to change the setting from a ‘native app’, however this is what I am building! Does anyone know a workaround for this, or how else you would build it? Thanks

You might want to reach out to the service provider you intend to use for wrapping your app to turn it into a ‘native’ app to ask them directly how to use parameters for navigation.

Bubble does not allow you to build native apps. All Bubble is is a webapp. You can have service provider wrap it for you to put onto app stores, but that is not possible with native Bubble.

You should not have an issue using parameters or go to page workflow action when the app is wrapped, but again, I suggest reaching out to the service provider you intend to use for wrapping to find out the details.