Navigating between pages and index

I have a native-app with several groups and now I have created a html to open external site page(Payment gateway page) but now I need to return back to the particular group on the index page. How do I go around that? As for now I can only return to the initial login group.

You can use custom state and set that on default to load the exact group you like.

Ok custom state will sit on the index page? And can you tip me on how the custome state will look like here is the app link:

Please help.

So which group are you looking to load when the user returns to the index page?

Group D

Ok, I am unable to edit the app. So here is what you can do.

  1. Set a custom state of type text to the index page (say you call it mode). Set default state of this state to ‘show’

  2. For Group D, in conditional define a new condition wherein ‘When index’s mode = show’, this element is visible.

This should do it.



Hi Anil

I manage to create the custom state > mode, but now I’m struggling with the conditional formatting on GROUP-D, could you please take a look and help modify where possible. I open the app link on Bubble to editable.

I am not sure which element has the custom state so I have created one for the page index called mode.

I have then set the state of mode to show on page load and set the condition for Group D to be visible when the state value is show.


Hope this helps.

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