Need a Bubble Developer/Architect for some MVP Development questions

Looking for some help getting a Mobile App up for TRVLsport startup.

TRVLsport is a Community of people who enjoy Traveling and Fulfilling Bucket-List experiences.

It’s comprised of 3 Persona User Experiences:

  1. Vendors/Guides (Dive Company, Hotels, etc.)

  2. Users (Tour Guides, Adventurers, etc…)

  3. Tour Providers (Gate1, Liberty Travel, etc…)

The Mobile app will manage a push/pull experience where Vendors/Guides can showcase their trips while users are alerted when a trip that matches their keywords of interest.

Users can then sign up for the trip, put down a deposit (via Stripe) and share the trip on social media with their network to enroll more people. More participation creates a higher level of shared enjoyment, while it brings the economic value of driving costs down through volume discounts.

Other vendors can see trips coming together on the app, and decide if they want to join the deal by offering lodging, rental services, group discounts for dinners, shows, and other local entertainment.

Larger Travel companies will be able to showcase their trips on our app as well through a simple use of the standard API shared among the travel industry for booking, scheduling and confirming.

Functionally, the App will need the API functionality, payment gateway integration, and Social Media hooks to maximize the experience. User base is Global, but a US MVP is our ideal goal to drive community enrollment.

Your thoughts?



Hello, Is this a job offer for a Bubble dev?
If so, I wish to apply for it.
I have been using this nocode platform since 2020,
With a wealth of experience in development, I specialize in crafting dynamic, interactive, and responsive web applications that engage users from their first click. My proficiency encompasses:
Frontend design/ui&ux design
Custom database setup
API Integration & plugins
Workflows etc

Do you have an app idea you want to transform from a visionary app concept to a SAAS product?, MVP?
Partnering with me means partnering with a developer who understands your aspirations and is equipped with the technical prowess to bring them to life.

I would love to learn more about your project’s specific requirements and discuss how I can contribute to making it a success

I think your Idea is Great. You can consider my help for your Project. Feel free to contact me. Thank you