Need a Company Dashboard/Invoicing Application

Update I understand a few people misunderstand the $10-$20 price range, that is just a fee to hold the project until a Draft Version and amount of hours and hourly rate is agreed upon I’m not good at working things like this so that range is just to hold the project so they know I will be hiring them.

I need a few quotes for a Invoice/Dashboard application for a Handyman/Construction company, If the price is right and affordable I might have a freelancer take over the building of this application.
Application must include.
Dashboard page with analytics of the businesses Income, due, and Expenses and more
Items list/Page
Contacts list/Page
Estimates Page
Invoices Page
schedule page
Messaging page for the employees to communicate within the application
Admin Panel
their will be no registration for users as that will be done in the Admin panel, only a login page.
the ability to send custom emails for invoices and quotes that uses a PDF invoice and estimate that auto fills the information need like Customer Name address, items, quantity, prices and so on, needs to be able to print & download the specific PDF Invoice for company records.
As I’m strapped on cash and time, I am hoping someone could do this in a $10-$20 range to start, and depending on what is delivered we will work something else out but needs the ability to have it done in 2 weeks (Not a final Version of course, but a Draft version that can be used while the application gets updated and finalized. This also has to be able to be put on a website and/or a downloadable application(If possible).
Needs Full back end access
This application needs to be a Professional feel and look whilst keeping in our companies look
I would like 4 Quotes send by PM or on post and talk to said persons giving the quotes before I make a Decision.

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This seems very reasonable. :slight_smile:

Now this sounds intresting.

That’s the start, the rest will be talked upon in private and determined on what they can deliver, the 10-20 range is just get the project started on a very basic basis for a draft version, that’s not for the complete project and even in a 10-20 price range it is very due able

Yeah just seeing what people can offer compared to my own built software