Need a small job, help

For settting up an workflow API connection for converting WAV to mp3

If u have any experience in this, and you can help me set it up, pm me


(I like to communicate via whatsapp)

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To turn a WAV file into an MP3, you can use the ffmpeg API on your server. But it’s pricey; try using ready-made conversion APIs instead.

I use CloudConvert’s API. Selling points for me:

  • 25 free conversions/day (note: 1 minute = 1 conversion)
  • Fair and flexible pricing - you can purchase a monthly plan OR buy 1-time packages. I buy the packages and repurchase when necessary (this way I don’t waste any conversions AND they automatically notify you if you’re running low).
  • You can set up a webhook to notify your app when a conversion is complete (or fails) - then you can handle the converted file in Bubble’s backend.