Need Advice On What Plan to Choose

Hi all!

I need some advice on which plan I should suggest for my client’s website.

They want to create a vendor marketplace (similar to fivver), some minor ecommerce items, possibly an event registration system, and a blog.

I’m guessing around 3000 visitors/daily maximum.

Is the personal plan enough to start? Or should we jump straight to professional?

The plan you go for would really depend on the features you need. Less so about your visitors. I think if you’re running a marketplace that you would want a decent amount of capacity. However you can always upgrade if its not enough.

Hi there @shuler.hayley,

In my opinion, you should start with the Personal Plan, then watch your capacity and usage, if your capacity is constantly getting maxed out and you’re getting a lot of users and traffic, at that time I would recommend upgrading plans.

The beauty of Bubble is having that ability to upgrade and scale. :blush:

Hope that helps!

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