User Count & Traffic, vs. Subscription Plan Type & Server Capacity

Hello Bubble,

How are ya? This question is for Bubblers that are subscribing to the Personal & Professional plan types.

What’s the highest amount of users/traffic maintained on your Personal or Professional Plans with no system crashes/interruption/delay?

And, what have you found to be best for your optimization/page loading speed?



Ahhhhh… the ole’ confusing Bubble Capacity issue. Ugh.

Here is what I know:

Every app is different. One may use X capacity to support x users and another may use ten times the capacity to support the same number of users.

Do the temp capacity boost and apply a load. Review your charts and you may be able to come up with an estimate. But that’s all it really is - an estimate. This is a sore spot with me - Bubble does not make clear what a CU really is.

For what it’s worth - we find from only estimation (because the app is not live yet) that 1 Bubble CU would support apx. 70-110 users. So much is at play here - including the target geographic location on users which alters peak times. Are all the users in 24 time zones or 4? etc.

Reduce searches where ever possible. When multiple searches are needed put the elements in a group and apply the search data to the group and refer to parent.

Just my two cents. I may think of something else and come back to edit.

**EDIT two minutes later:

Another thing is this. A simple page load in Bubble seems to consume a lot of capacity. So when you think of marketing and conversion rates this becomes an issue. If you have a 5% conversion rate you would need at least 100 index page loads to achieve this. We found that presenting a landing page using Bubble index page is terribly inefficient. Instead, now the public facing site including all landing pages, FAQ, about, contact, etc. are on the main domain with html5. The pages load blazingly fast (compared to Bubble) and do not use Bubble capacity. We moved the Bubble app to a subdomain. Now, any Bubble resources that are used will be used only by customers who have already converted and not the 95% of those just looking.


I swear bubble is getting its business model wrong by trying to manage capacity and database storage. The reason people want to use bubble is for the low code aspects on the front end, but storage and capacity should not be managed by them. I would prefer if I could just link my AWS as a default functionality, then manage my own capacity and storage…So many people are trying to hack around their system and they aren’t responding to the market.


Hello elledarrow,

Great answer in your reply; very informative.

So, you are stating that you’re using an html5 webpage on your domain, for your landing pages. Then, you subdomain the actual Bubble site/app to reserve capacity for actual members?

Thank you

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Hello pachikafu,

I can definitely understand your perspective & related frustration.


We love your product hey. I would safely say its one of the greatest products to come out of this decade…by far. I just wish you would decouple the front end and back end from your platform. There are certain users that would prefer a managed DB hosted on bubble’s servers, but there are also users that have the knowledge to set up their own DB on AWS and manage storage and capacity independently. Hope one day, that option will be available…even if it means paying slightly more it would be fine coz your platform really is amazing.

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Agree with this statement. It would be great to see easier implementation of bubbles backend with frontend services such as Webflow.

There is some progress in that department using API workflows (see Web App Built using Bubble and Webflow for example) but it’s far from intuitive.



Absolutely GENIUS!!!