Need an easier way to convert elements to reusables

When refactoring apps using the “convert element to reusable,” it is incredibly time consuming because often times these sections have connected data to other places on the page, so a bunch of errors occur. Can be in the hundreds depending on the size of the element - a daunting undertaking for any developer worried about accidentally breaking something.

Could Bubble implement some sort of smart conversion option that looks for all elements that will break and auto create new properties on the reusable that replace the broken connections? Also, add the connected group focuses and custom events (those don’t currently carry over).

I know it won’t be perfect, but anything would be a huge help, as a lot of apps I take over were not built well with reusables (causing bad editor performance on large pages), but it is hard to convince clients to refactor because of how long of a process it is to convert to reusables. So we just carry on with a bunch of tech debt.

Or curious if anyone out there has any good solutions they’ve found to this!


The easiest to do would be a batch update on folder names (or just recreate those).

half of issues when convert is missing folders… the last I convert I had 297 issues… took me one full day to fix all those issues

It’s onsanity… especially with such a buggy and slow backend workflow editor

At the very least there should be a override or batch update option to remove folder names or dump them all in a “Imported ([date])” folder

OR an alert upon pasting WFs that the current app is missing XX folders and options to create them etc…

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