Converting popup to reusable element - broken dynamic references to original popup

We tried to convert a popup (which has a plethora of states, elements and workflows) to a reusable element, so that we can reuse it in other pages of our application.
We encountered a significant problem though. All of the internal dynamic references (in the new reusable element) to the original popup, were broken during the conversion process and in their place we see red text in square brackets starting with “[missing element][not found…”
The missing element here is the original popup. We would have thought that bubble would replace references to the original popup with references to the new reusable element during the conversion. But now we have 440 issues in our app. Please can someone help shed light on this. Maybe we did something wrong?

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Does anything in the popup (before it was a RE) rely on data from the page it lived on?

If so, this could be the source of issue.

Hi Jared, thanks for replying to my post.
Yes, the popup (before it was an RE) did refer to some states of elements on the page that it lived on. For example, an element in the popup had a condition set that checked the state of an element from the page the popup lived on.
Are you suggesting that if we removed references to anything outside of the popup, then converted the popup to an RE, the internal references wouldn’t break? It’s something we can try.

Hi Salim, I was able to figure out that if you first copy the popup (or element) with workflows then create a new, blank reusable element and paste the popup with workflows in it, the states should remain without being changed to a [missing element] error. However, like you last suggested you do have to remove all external references and change them to internal references.

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This is amazing, thank you ayin!!! :blush:

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