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Convert into reusable element no longer working?

It’s 1:23 est 1/16/22. the "convert to reusable element option (after right clicking an element) is no longer working for me (It converts the group into a reusable element but does not convert anything inside the group. (Just an empty box) Instead it takes the contents of the element I want to convert and places a copy of them on the top of my current web page. Both in firefox and chrome.

I’m having the same issue. Can someone from Bubble comment?

Download Lightshoot and share the SCREENSHOT of the problem


It’s as described by OP. Pretty self-explanatory. It feels like a bug more than an error in the process.

On your environment, can you create a reusable element from a group with elements inside? By right-clicking the group and selecting “Convert to reusable element”

Then, is the reusable element is created with elements inside including the workflows?

i reported as bug and they fixed it on mine

Same issue.

Facing the same issue. Some elements are getting converted some arent

Same issue. It works in one app and does not work in another.

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