Need Consultation

Does anyone provide consultation helping me setup stripe subscription and teaching me how to set it up and stuff?

Hi @sanjuujosephh,

I think this is a bit late but here are some videos,

How to Implement Stripe in Your Web App

2020 UPDATE - How to Implement Stripe in Your No Code Web App

How To Accept Payments On Your Website - Tutorial

How to Setup Stripe Customers in Your Web Apps

How to setup Stripe payment webhooks for Bubble backend applications

Bubble Webinar 4 - API Workflows

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Hi @sanjuujosephh,

Just saw your message about using Did you finally end up using this? Can I ask how has the experience been until now?


Just FYI

I was able to setup subscriptions very easily with the Bubble Stripe Plugin. This just takes the user to a Stripe page to make the payment. Then once the user has a subscription they can modify their subscriptions using the Stripe portal (using the Stripe Self Service Portal plugin) and cancel their subscription if necessary.

If you need help setting this up you can setup a session with me and I can walk you through how to do it.

The easiest way by far is the Bubble Stripe Plugin if you need a simple setup.

This saves you from using Servicebot for at least $50/month ($30/month?).

Hope that helps! :blush:


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I initially used and their service was great but it has limitations on the design and user experience. The pricing of the service is based on usage and doesn’t have fixed cost.

So, I ended setting up Bubble’s stripe plugin with the tutorial of @J805. It was good decision to switch over because I can customize the payment gateway the way I want and save $30 monthly.

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Thanks @J805 and @sanjuujosephh,

I’m looking at all the possibilities but from my investigations I think I’m going to go full on using the API and Stripe.js 2.

I want more customisation, something I’m seeing I can’t do with Bubble stripe or

With Bubble Stripe I can’t remove the email field. I don’t think the user should need to fill this field from a UX pov. I’m looking for a more integrated option. The simple Bubble stripe integrated option isn’t an option either because it has the ‘Remember me’ and I see it can only remember with a US phone number. Doesn’t work internationally.

So to summarise I think I will end up using API Bubble connector or Stripe.js 2 plugin.

Thanks again for the offer @J805.


No problem. Stripe.js is a great way to go if you want more customization. I have used it before and it makes for a sleek integration. It is just a bit of a learning curve to set it up. The videos @copilot provide are very professional and good quality. I would highly recommend them if you don’t want to do a simple setup. :+1: