Recursive Emails to Group

Good day - I am struggling with recursive workflows on a group of users, who need to individually receive the same email with unique content. I have unique dynamic content for each of 52 weeks (which could change based on user activity week to week).

I have no issues signing up a single user via a recursive workflow, but once say 1 of 3 users is sent the first week’s email, it flags the week 1 email as sent, then user 2 gets week 2 and user 3 week 3’s email.

I tried scheduling an API workflow on a list and got stuck.

DB Setup (I have a few options I’ve been trying for ease of access)

Project → Satelite datatype of Project Communications with a field for users signed up to weekly email

User -->satelite user data type -->communication preference data type → projects signed up to for weekly emails.

Any help would be great, I’ve quickly blown through my allotted daily sendgrid limits working through the on a list actions this week.


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