Need help change users settings

I am trying to build a page for people to change their details but it doesn’t work also when someone sign up the password doesn’t show on the database

Hi @Jaydengotham.G.E,
what exactly doesn’t work? We need more details.

When it comes to password not showing on the database, that’s the way it’s supposed to be. You can let users change their email and password by using the “Change user’s credentials” action.

Hi I done that but it pops up with this

Please check out this tutorial

Thank you
Just a quick question is it possible to make a delete account button

The simple way is to use the “Delete thing” action on the button and set it as a “Current User.” Good to include a “Log the user out” action as part of the workflow.

You should also probably remove all data associated with a specific user (so ex. User’s Posts). You could probably do it within a standard workflow, but if you have a large amount of data, it’d be better if it happened on backend so use API workflows for that (or backend triggers).

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