Make change to user at password reset

I have created a workflow for a user to reset his/her password.
I have a field on the datatype User called “password set”, with yes/no values. I would like to set this to “no” when the user, which is not logged in, resets his password. However, how do I do this? I had expected the “result of previous step” option in the workflow.
I cannot pick current user, as the user is not logged in yet.

What user did you user for step 1? Just use the same User in step 5.

Maybe try searching for the user using the email used for the password reset.

AArgh. Of course.
Sometimes one just doesn’t see the obvious.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Adam, may I ask a related question?
This is about a part which (I though) used to work properly but acts weird now.

The password reset should only function for existing users. So I made an alert element that shows when a user doesnt have an account.
Here I tried it with an unexisting email address. Do you have any clue why it gives me a NO here? I had expected a YES, since the user does not exist in my (live or dev) database.

By the way, I searched for users, constraint: e-mail = the one entered in the password reset part,
first item

I think something went wrong in the ONLY WHEN part.
I cannot find what, though:

Have you checked your privacy rules?

@woezel1980 You can also signup on behalf of the user and then send the link to set up a new password and profile.


I fixed it by using another action:
“Result of step 1: (“assign a temp pass…”) is empty”