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Steam Signup/login API

Hey, i started up with Bubble about 1 month ago, it looks perfect!
But i got a problem, i am building a app where the users need to sign up/log in with Steam.

I tried alot of different things with “” and the “Openid” but i cant really make it work :confused:
It actually looks simple, but im not sure what i am doing wrong.

Does anyone know if there is a “easy” way to make it work?
It would also be perfect if i knew where to start, like with the Openid.
I hope someone can give me “hint”

I really appreciate your help :slight_smile:

What have you tried in detail and why has it failed?

I tried some different thing i found on Youtube & Google, they showed that i could connect in Janrain, with the openid
But i dont really know anything about API’s, so im pretty sure that i did most of it wrong.
If just i knew that i could use Janrain to connect with the steam/openid, it would help alot, because im not sure where to start.

Do you know if i can use Janrain to create the steam logon link? and then connect it with bubble after?

It helps to go back and watch the bubble videos. I referred to them often until I caught on.

Yeah i did that with alot of other stuff aswell.
But when i try to add the Steam API log in, its alot harder than adding for example Facebook, Twitter & Gmail.
I can’t really figure out, how i need to create the endpoint, API token & redirect link, because with Steam, i need to create the link my self, and im not sure what order i have to do it, if that makes any sence.

  • It would be perfect if someone alleready added it to bubble before

I went down this path before, but from my research it can’t be done unless its a sponsored feature. Mostly because steam has no documentation/guides and bubble doesn’t support Oauth well

Ah, I get it. A video explaining Bubble API endpoints should be on the Bubble video to-do list, but this is a rather advanced feature. This took me a while as well, so don’t feel bad. After that, endpoints became a go-to when trying to normalize an app’s workflows.

@romanmg really tied the room together:

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