Need help creating a portal for secondary users with limited access to primary user's account

Hi. I am working on an app that allows users to track their activities, one of which is expenses. Users, of course, must sign up for an account in order to access these tools. This all works just fine.

However, I’d also like to provide users with an option to have a 2nd user view/add to the expense tracker, without this 2nd user having any further access to the primary user’s account. A sort of collaborator like in google drive.

At this point, all I can think to do is provide a “referral” link on the primary user’s page that can be shared with a 2nd user, who would then need their own account registered, but whose data would be sent to the primary user’s account.

Does anyone have any ideas how I might accomplish this in bubble? I’m open to ideas.

Yep, store a list of users on the user object as “collaborators”, this use this for your privacy & conditional rules.

If X user’s collaborators contains current user then Y kinda thing.

I would suggest instead of a code, give users the ability to send an invite to another user if they have their email, which that other user can then choose to accept, if you just have a code then it might be used by multiple people.

Hope that all makes sense?

Hi, thanks for that quick response. I’ll have to see if I can get it to work. Any idea how to send invites and tie the invite to the primary user when the 2nd user registers? Is that something bubble handles already?

Sometimes I will create a data type called invite, and have the sender and receiver, that was the person sending it can delete it if they change their mind and the receiver can accept it etc🙂