How to intergrate notifications

i have a notification system set to show up whenever someones make a news feed post. it displays the notification creator’s image name, surname and the post title this way

. Now i want a situation where when a user comments or likes that post i have the same notification RG show a message the following way “user A likes your post” OR “user B commented on your post”
should i set up a different notification RG OR data type for comment and like or else?
how do i configure this?

Hey @withabed,

You would have to setup a data type called notifications. Then whenever an event happens on your site eg. Like post, comments, new post. You would have create a workfork on each to create a new notification item.

The amount of information this collects is up to you

This way all event types are all included in one data type.

Hope this makes sense

ok thanks let me try it ?

hie @dudders9 iv got it working, but i want comment and like notifications to be sent to the post creator. So how do i go about it taking note that we set our RG Notifications to current user’s following?

then the second issue is if a user comments OR likes, the notification is intended for the post creator so how do i set up a situation whereby instead of appearing to the post creator’s followers which is whats now happening,instead it goes to the post creator notifications RG

Hey @withabed this is done on the notification side you will have to add 2 columns “to” and “from” or whatever you want to call them. Then you will have to go back through your events and add this to the workflow. So that when you show notifications you can filter them. Hope this helps

here is my editor maybe you can point out where i need to edit. Been stuck here

@withabed did you end up resolving this?

I’m currently having a similar issue.

In my workflow, I’ve been able to only generate a notification when a user comments on a post that isn’t there own.

However, I’m unable to display only the notifications a user receives in their notification repeating group group.

Would appreciate any advice.


Hey did anyone solve the above problem, if yes please share the steps to get the notification when someone likes or comment on your post. I have been struggling for days to add the notification for days.

Thanks in advance

Share your app. I’ll have a look for you

Are you looking for push notifications or a notifications tab a user can check?

For push notifications, I’d recommend OneSignal. For the latter, you can easily it up without any plugin. You’d need to create a new Data Type and save all the information in that.

I’ve written a small tutorial which can help you set up the database. You can understand the functionality and tailor it according to your requirements.

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