Need help Displaying Current Cell's name

Hi everyone can anyone point me to the right direction.

I’m having trouble displaying the current cell’s name,

I attached a screenshots for your reference.

Check the database to see if there is any info in the user info name field

Check the Privacy Settings in the Data Tab. 99% sure that’s the case.

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Hi ralp,

The Field name is empty however I create a new thing and save the value of the name field to what ever value a user input in the RSVP page

Please see file


Hi Gio,

Privacy tab is empty

Yes exactly you have to define a new rule. Create a new rule for the Data Type that’s name you want to display. Let’s call it a ”Data Fields Visibility”. Check all the checkboxes that you wish to display publicly.

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I think it is already visible to public

What is the userFeedInfo’s Name’s - Data Field Type?

I set it up as a current user

Aaand current user doesn’t have a Privacy Setting set up :slight_smile: Do what I suggested for User and it’ll work.

is this correct?

Seems like it is. It didn’t work?

still did not work

I also tried to save the name input’s vale in the userfeedname but still did not work

Alright leave Privacy Settings as it is.

Now problem can be either how you store the infoUserName or how you display it. Form what I see logic should be infoUserName’s > Name’s > You should see Current User’s Data Fields. And you’ll choose the one where you store the User’s Name.

Should be:

infoUserName’s > Name’s > Name

You have:
infoUserName’s > Name

I also try this

with this button click I start workflow and save the namefield = guest name

Because that guest data type has the name stored on it

But still didn’t work

But you said the infoUserName’s field type is User… Can we do a call and you share your screen with me.

sure how can we do that