Update username from other table

I need help with something.
I need update a current username but from other table.
User is sign up without username, and then from a different form if user is log in, should register an entry and also his username.
How can I do this?


Table 2


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If the user is logged in when they are creating the RSVP, you can run another workflow after “Create RSVP” that is “Make changes to current user” and update their username with the name input.

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I did on this way, but if I log in with other user, the username in repeating group doesn’t show. Only current user

This might be due to a privacy rule. If you open up your Data tab and go to Privacy, see if the data types say “Publicly visible” or “Privacy rules applied.” Make sure that all users have access to the username field.

I’ve activated username… and I already see all usernames y my repeating group


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