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How to send a notification to all users based on a category (Solved)

Hello Bubble Team,

I am looking for help creating a notification system to send a message to all my signed up users that have paid for a specific service.
If the user has paid for a fishing service and has this service on his name, I want to broadcast a message out to all users who have the fishing selected. How do I do this?

I have attempted it in the example below with user data in place, however I get stuck with only being able to send a message to a current user and not all users.
Then how will you send the message only to users who have the service fishing on their paid service list?

Any advice is appreciated!

Please feel free to run the example and see how the data falls into place on the database.

Never taken a look at the example but i would say it’s simple enough.

Add a field to the service being “users” as a list
When the user purchases the service add him in the field created above
When you want to send a message run a scheduled task to go through the list.

Thanks @AliFarahat , I will give it a try and let you know.

Hi @AliFarahat , I can’t seem to get it right. Here is my workflow to see if you can pick up where I am going wrong. I am trying to do it backwards by sending to a field list in the user. Could this be my problem? I am doing this way so that the user can delete the message on their list once read.
Here is my workflow:

  1. I have added a field to users called “Notifications” which is a list.
  2. When the Message is sent, the data goes to a type called “All notifications” to record all messages made.

I am suck from here as I can’t find the way to create a custom event to send to all users.
Any suggestions?
@emmanuel do you know the way forward by anychance?


If you modify a user field you can add an event that watches that. Or you can just display a repeating group of unseen events for a users, provided you have that info in your list.

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Do you possibly know of a video or example of a notification system on Bubble? I still can’t get it right to send data to a field, to all the users.

Alright i have taken a look. I am not sure what your logic is here so I am going to work under the assumption that user can be interested in multiple categories.

So what you need to do is create a sort of one to many reference. What that means is that a user can be listed under many categories; Since Bubble is a noSQL database relations have to be built and maintained by you.

Following the editor you shared i have noticed that you would like to send a notification based on a category, so i would suggest that categories have user List as mentioned earlier. (I have already done that its called User_List)

Then you can trigger a scheduled task based on this. I have already gone ahead and enabled the API workflows. Please make sure that you set the privacy rules before you go live.

After you have prepared you data and assigned a list of users to a category let me know and i will setup an example for you.


We don’t have such video, but other users have done stuff like this I think.

Thank you @AliFarahat . You are correct when saying that the user can be interested in multiple categories. I have applied the data for you as well to demonstrate the example:

Thank you @emmanuel

Hello @AliFarahat @emmanuel

Thanks to all the help on the bubble forum, I have found the solution I have been looking for and I will shortly place the solution in tips for everyone to use!

Solution Coming to the topic tips soon!